HUD Publishes New Guidance on IMS-PIC Unit Classification

On Dec. 17, HUD published a notice titled “Guidance on Inventory Management System/PIH Information Center (IMS-PIC) Sub-Module Reporting and Validation(Notice PIH 2021-35). This notice provides guidance to PHAs, including Moving to Work (MTW) agencies, on reporting occupancy in public housing. The notice revises Notice PIH 2011-7.

The notice makes several revisions to Notice PIH 2011-7, which contained the previous requirements regarding unit classification. These revisions include requiring PHAs to receive a HUD approval letter–in certain instances–prior to making IMS-PIC submissions. The notice also makes changes to the “Undergoing Modernization,” “Casualty Loss,” and “Vacant due to Market Conditions” subcategories of occupancy categories. It adds the “MTW Neighborhood Services” subcategory. It also clarifies that certain units that are vacant, reconfigured, demolished, or sold for certain reasons (e.g., a unit removed to install an elevator shaft) should not be classified as in a non-dwelling category, but should have their ACC, Capital Fund, and Operating Fund indicators set to “No.” The notice also stresses the importance of timely and accurate submissions (60 calendar days from the effective date of any action recorded on line 2b of HUD-50058 or HUD-50058 MTW). Finally, the notice updates the web link used to access the Job Aid website, which provides additional technical assistance.

The notice provides information on unit categories and sub-categories through both a chart and additional detailed descriptions of the requirements needed to classify units. The categories and sub-categories covered are the following:

  • Occupied;
    • Assisted Tenant;
    • Employee;
    • Non-Assisted Tenant Over-Income;
    • Police Officer;
    • MTW Neighborhood Services;
  • Vacant;
  • Vacant – HUD Approved;
    • Undergoing Modernization (Not Under Construction);
    • Undergoing Modernization (Contract Awarded);
    • Court Litigation;
    • Natural Disaster;
    • Casualty Loss;
    • Market Conditions;
  • Non-Dwelling;
    • Special Use: Anti-Drug/Crime;
    • Special Use: Self Sufficiency Activities;
    • Special Use: Other Resident Activities;
    • MTW Neighborhood Services;
    • Administrative Uses; and
    • Resident Amenities.

Additionally, the notice provides detailed information on the importance of timely submissions, how units may be placed into demo-dispo approved status, and how to access Job-Aids–the “informal, technical guidance to help [IMS-PIC] users complete the activities specified in each Sub-Module.”

The full notice can be found here.

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