New Guidance Modifies High-Performing Eligibility

HUD has released Notice PIH 2021-38 which removes the requirement that PHAs must request a new PHAS score from HUD in order to meet eligibility for the FFY 2021 High Performer Capital Fund Formula bonus. HUD will instead use FFY 2019 PHAS scores to determine FFY 2021 High Performers. PHAs may still request a PHAS score from HUD if they were non-high performers in FFY 2019, but believe they are now. The notice is titled “COVID-19 Statutory and Regulatory Amendment to PIH Notice 2021-14 (HA), Providing for the Release of Public Housing Assessment System Scores for Federal Fiscal Year 2019.”

HCV Utilization Webinar

HUD will host a webinar on Jan. 12, 2022 at 1:30 pm ET titled “HCV Utilization Webinar – Payment Standard Waiver and Two-Year Tool Overview.” The webinar will discuss best practices to maximize voucher utilization. The webinar will also discuss the new Fair Market Rent (FMR) waiver that will allow many PHAs to increase their payment standard to 120% of the FMR. (See NAHRO’s discussion of PIH 2021-34.) Finally, the webinar will discuss the Two-Year Tool and provide examples of how the tool can help program administrators manage their programs.

Registration for the webinar can be found here.