HCV Two-Year Tool Updated

A HUD official emailed me to let me know that the Housing Choice Voucher Two-Year Tool has been updated. For 2020, the HAP proration is 99.4% and the admin. fee is prorated at approximately 81%. The tool now begins with a dialogue box titled “Pandemic Considerations” which urges PHAs to think about program attrition; ability to issue vouchers and lease-up vouchers; and the effect on unit cost. It also gives information on household earned income to keep in mind.

Other changes include the following:

  • Utilization Report
    • When you open the Utilization Report, you will no longer see all of the data populate. All the data is still there, but you will just see the “Input PHA” section.
    • In the coming weeks, there will be a small button in the utilization report for a Continuum of Care template.
  • Two-Year Tool
    • There’s a mainstream specific two-year tool now.
    • The tool can now handle scenarios where newly leased vouchers would be at a significantly different per unit cost (press Ctrl + n).
    • More detail on the potential offset and various assorted categories has been provided (press Ctrl + o).

The Two-Year Tool can be found here.

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