FY 2018 Proposed Budget: Process and In-Depth Analysis

The Administration’s budget proposal, released on May 23, is the first step in a months-long journey. Now that the Administration has released its recommendations, this Direct News will provide in-depth coverage of how it would affect the Community Development, Section 8 and Public Housing programs administered by HUD.

The budget proposal requests cuts, which if implemented, would be devastating for communities. NAHRO strongly opposes the President’s budget proposal and will work to provide necessary and responsible funding for critical housing and community development programs. NAHRO will also fight for long-overdue program and regulatory reforms that can reduce costly administrative burdens.

Members should note that the President’s request is the beginning and not the end of the budget and appropriations process. The Administration’s budget request has over the years become a political document that reflects the fiscal goals and priorities of the Administration for the upcoming fiscal year. It does not carry the force of law. Congress, who controls the nation’s purse strings, can choose to accept the request wholesale, pick and choose parts of it, or reject it outright, which they frequently do. NAHRO will fight to ensure that work undertaken by our members to address critical housing needs for vulnerable families can be sustained.

NAHRO’s initial review can be found in The NAHRO Blog’s post, “President Officially Releases FY 18 Budget Proposal, Slashes Housing and CD Spending.” NAHRO members click on the links below to review the in-depth FY 2018 budget request analysis for Community Development, Section 8, and Public Housing:

Community Development (NAHRO Login Required)

Section 8 (NAHRO Login Required)

Public Housing (NAHRO Login Required)

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