$4 Million for Radon Testing NOFA

On Jan. 26, in a press release, HUD announced $4 million to be available for radon testing through the new Radon Testing and Mitigation Demonstration program Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFA). Radon is an odorless, clear radioactive gas that is found in every part of the United States. It can move from soil into buildings through small openings in a building’s foundation. When inhaled, radon can increase the risk of developing lung cancer.

Housing agencies will be able to use this funding to test public housing properties for radon. When needed, they will also be able to apply mitigation measures in their communities. The grants will be allocated in the early summer. The NOFA’s estimated application deadline in March 28. 2022.

HUD’s press release can be found here.

The full NOFA can be found here.

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