HCV Two-Year Tool Updates!

A HUD official emailed me to announce certain updates to the Housing Choice Voucher Program (HCV) two-year tool. The updates include the following:

  • The two-year tool is now publicly available and accessible by anyone;
  • A series of training videos has been created and is publicly available; and
  • The two-year tool now shows draft inflation factors for the next year to help program managers plan for the next year (depending on the housing market the PHA is located in, this may be a large number).

The two year tool and the training videos can be accessed here.

Have a little spare time this holiday season? Check out HUD’s two-year tool training videos! The table listing the links to the videos is reproduced below. Click below to access it.

Count Description URL Length
Two-Year Projection Tool
1 How-To IT Guide on External Two-Year Tool Creation Click here. ~8 minutes
2 Two-Year Tool: The Theory Click here. ~24 minutes
Section/Area Specific
3 Budget Authority – Part 1: Overview Click here. ~17 minutes
4 Budget Authority – Part 2: Reserves/Offsets Click here. ~18 minutes
5 Budget Authority – Part 3: Inflation/Proration/New Units Click here. ~23 minutes
6 Per Unit Cost (PUC)/Rent Burden (RB) Tab Click here. ~26 minutes
7 Key Variables (Success Rate/Time-to-Success/Attrition) Click here. ~19 minutes
8 Administrative Fee Analysis Click here. ~15 minutes
9 Summary Outcomes Box Click here. ~15 minutes
10 Leasing Chart Click here. ~24 minutes
11 Leasing Chart/Graphs/Comments Box Button Click here. ~24 minutes
12 Pop-Ups When Creating TYT Click here. ~8 minutes
Additional Tools
13 Summary Document Click here. ~9 minutes
14 Additional Disbursements (HHR Detail) Click here. ~29 minutes
15 VASH  
16 Success Rate Tracking/Wait List Management Click here. ~28 minutes
17 VMS DCR Uploads Click here. ~13 minutes
18 Accrual Information/Years 3 and 4 Click here. ~10 minutes
19 MTW TYT Click here. ~8 minutes
Case Studies
20 Case Study 1 Click here. ~31 minutes
21 Case Study 2  
22 Case Study 3  
Tool of Tools (ToT)
23 Overview Click here. ~7 minutes
24 Loading Data/Required Information Click here. ~11 minutes
25 HCV Analysis Tool (HAT) (4-page PDF) Click here. ~18 minutes
26 PIC Drill-Down  
27 Payment Standard Tool (PST): Single PS
28 Payment Standard Tool (PST): Multiple PS
29 Payment Standard Tool (PST): Case Study – Single PS
30 Payment Standard Tool (PST): Case Study –  Multiple PS

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