HUD Posts RAD Rent Levels for 2019 (Based on 2018 Public Housing Funding Levels)

Earlier today, the Department of Housing and Urban Development sent an email through its RADBlast! email list announcing RAD rents levels for 2019 (based on 2018 Public Housing Funding Levels). These rents will be used for new awards used in 2019. They may also be used for current awardees to update rents in existing Commitments to enter into Housing Assistance Payment contracts (CHAPs). Closed transactions are ineligible to receive these new rents. Remember, these new rents–after being updated with 2019 Operating Cost Adjustment Factors (OCAFs)–may not necessarily be higher than your current CHAP rents depending on how the transaction is structured. NAHRO strongly recommends carefully reading HUD’s Frequently-Asked-Questions (FAQ) document on updating RAD rents before requesting updated rents.

Additionally, HUD has created a streamlined, online RAD application for public housing conversions that can be accessed here.

The 2019 RAD Rents can be accessed here.

The FAQ can be found here.

CY 2019 Operating Fund Submission Schedule Updated

HUD has released version 1.2 of its PHA Operating Fund Submission Schedule for CY 2019. HUD will make HUD Forms HUD 52723 and HUD 52722 available to PHAs on February 11, 2019. PHAs will be required to submit those forms to their Field Office by March 4. HUD plans to publish preliminary eligibility based on HUD-52723 operating subsidy submissions on April 1. PHAs should contact their Field Office with an issues regarding preliminary eligibility for all projects by April 8.

PHAs are funded based on an estimate in January, February, March, and April.