HUD Updates Guidance on EIV System

In late October, HUD published a notice titled “Administrative Guidance for Effective and Mandated Use of the Enterprise Income Verification (EIV) System” (PIH 2018-18). The EIV system is a web-based application that allows PHAs to check employment, wage, unemployment compensation and social security benefit information for Section 8 and Public Housing program participants. The notice updates the previous guidance on EIV by discussing¬† the Income Validation Tool (IVT) Report. The IVT Report replaces the Income Discrepancy Report under the verification reports link. The IVT will be updated monthly. It will provide information on tenant reported income, previous reported income from form HUD-50058, and discrepancies between tenant reported income and information gleaned from HUD data sharing agreements with Health and Human Services and the Social Security Administration.

The notice can be found here.

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