HUD Now Accepting Applications for MTW Expansion Cohort #1

Late last week, HUD published a notice–titled “Request for Letters of Interest and Applications under the Moving to Work Demonstration Program for Fiscal Year 2019: COHORT #1 – Overall Impact of Moving to Work Flexibility” (PIH-2018-17)–inviting applications for the first cohort of the Moving to Work (MTW) Expansion. The first cohort of the MTW Expansion will include 30 PHAs with 1,000 or fewer aggregate units (including special purpose vouchers).

In addition to laying out the application process for the first cohort of the MTW Expansion plan, the notice also notes the research topic each cohort will examine. The first cohort will examine the overall impact of MTW flexibility, while future cohorts will examine rent reform, work requirements, and landlord incentives. Applying for MTW status with the first cohort is a two-step process including submitting a letter of interest (due January 11, 2019) and submitting a MTW plan and application.

NAHRO will host a MTW application e-briefing for potential first cohort applicants on Wednesday, November 7th from 1:30 to 3 pm ET. Registration for the e-briefing can be found here.

The MTW Operations Notice can be found here.

The first cohort application notice can be found here.

Click below for additional information on the application process.

For PHAs that meet the eligibility requirements for the first cohort, the application process requires two steps. After completing the first step, HUD will divide eligible PHAs into groups based on their geography and then randomly assign each PHA within a geographic area to one of three groups: a treatment group (which will be invited to continue to step 2 to apply); a waitlist group (which may be invited to apply, if a treatment group PHA withdraws); or a control group (which will not receive MTW status, but is expected to participate in the first cohort evaluation). PHAs in the waitlist group will be moved to the control group once the treatment group has 30 PHAs which successfully apply.

  • Step 1 – Letter of Interest (Deadline: January 11, 2019);
    • PHA must complete a baseline research survey to identify the baseline characteristics of all applicants;
    • PHA must complete a letter of interest stating a desire to obtain MTW designation, which cannot be longer than two pages and must be signed by the Executive Director;
    • PHA’s Board of Commissioners must pass a resolution stating a desire to obtain MTW designation under the first cohort; and
    • PHA must complete a certification of commitment (Attachment I of notice).
  • Step 2 -MTW Plan and Application;
    • Part 1 – MTW Plan – Narrative section;
      • Vision for PHA’s Local MTW Program;
      • Plan for Future Community / Resident Engagement;
      • PHA Operating and Inventory Information;
      • Plan for Local MTW Program;
      • Proposed Use of MTW Funds;
      • Evidence of Significant Partnerships;
      • Significant Dates and Milestones for the PHA;s Local MTW Program;
    • Part 2 – Appendices;
      • Appendix 1 – MTW Certifications of Compliance;
      • Appendix 2 – Public Process Documentation;
      • Appendix 3 – Required Standard Forms; and
      • Appendix 4 – Other Supporting Documentation.

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