HUD REAC Posts Industry Day Materials

As mentioned in an earlier post, HUD held two IT vendor days in Phoenix, AZ and Jacksonville, FL on April 5th and April 7th respectively. HUD has posted the PowerPoints from those two days. They are listed below:

  • PIC-NG Overview – provides a broad overview of PIC – Next Generation, including the rationale for overhauling PIC.
  • PIC-NG Details – provides more detailed information on the functioning of the new system. More technical in nature than the PowerPoint above.
  • Federal Lifeline Program Overview – provides an overview of the Federal lifeline program, which gives a monthly discount of $9.25 to eligible low-income users (or more for Tribal or Native residents) on phone and broadband service.
  • PIC-NG VMS – provides a rationale for changing the Voucher Management System.
  • IT Vendor Deck – provides a discussion on the status of UPCS-V for IT Vendors.
  • Exam Data Exchange – provides a discussion of tailoring software to work with HUD’s ExAM and Salesforce created programs.

NAHRO is currently examining the materials.

The website listing all the REAC Industry Day Materials can be found here.

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