HUD Sends Supplementary Email to 2017 HCV Program Renewal Funding Letter

Earlier this morning, HUD sent an email to Executive Directors with hyperlinks to items mentioned in their 2017 HCV Program Renewal Funding Letter. Due to the brevity of the message, I’ve reproduced it completely below.

Dear Executive Director,

The purpose of this communication is to follow-up on the March 15, 2017 letter regarding the regarding the status of calendar year 2017 Housing Choice Voucher Program’s renewal funding.  The letter referenced links to the House and Senate 2017 Bills as well as the Field Offices’ Two-year Forecasting Tool, and it has come to HUD’s attention that the links were not active.  Below you will find the links to the House and Senate Bills and to the Two-year forecasting tool.

TBRA Senate Report

TBRA House Report

Forecasting tool link

Thank you for your participation in the HCV program.

The original letter can be found here.

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