NAHRO Releases 2017 Legislative and Regulatory Agenda

2017 Leg Agenda CoverAs the 2017 Washington Conference begins this week, we are proud to present NAHRO’s 2017 Legislative and Regulatory Agenda.

This year’s agenda builds on our previous Transition 2017, Legislative and Regulatory Year in Review – 2016 documents. It also serves as an extension of our outreach to the new Congress, which introduces NAHRO and its positions. The 2017 Legislative and Regulatory Agenda provides specific priorities and positions that will guide the NAHRO legislative and regulatory roadmap for the coming year.

This agenda is not intended to catalogue all the efforts and policies that NAHRO will actively pursue in 2017. There are many issues — including ones that may rise in priority as federal policymakers act over the course of the year — that will feature prominently in NAHRO’s efforts on behalf of its members and the communities they serve.

Our most vulnerable citizens find a safe harbor and a place to call home in the work of public housing authorities and community development agencies. NAHRO members will continue to meet the challenge of building stronger communities and ensuring that all Americans have a stable, affordable place to call home in which they can live, grow and thrive.

Please read, review, and share NAHRO’s 2017 Legislative and Regulatory Agenda, and feel free to use it to develop and coordinate your agency, local, county, state and regional legislative and regulatory advocacy plans for 2017.

New and updated legislative and regulatory information is available on the Congressional Relations and Policy & Program Development webpages on the NAHRO website and on the NAHRO Blog.

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