CY 2020 Operating Fund Grant Eligibility and Processing Notice Released

On February 28, HUD published Notice PIH-2020-03 titled “Public Housing Operating Fund (OpFund) Grant Eligibility Calculations and Processing for Calendar Year (CY) 2020.” The Notice provides PHAs with instructions for calculating OpFund grants for CY 2020 and establishes submission deadlines.

There are a few changes and additions included in the notice compared to CY 2019. This includes mixed finance modernization, EnVision Center participation, MTW alternative operating subsidy agencies’ submission of form HUD-52723 for CY2020 OpFund grant eligibility, and the General Depository Agreement (GDA) (form HUD-51999).

The Notice explains in detail how OpFund eligibility is calculated, the submission process, and data HUD requires to calculate OpFund grants.


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