HUD To Begin Carbon Monoxide Detector Data Collection

Starting April 1, HUD will instruct REAC UPCS inspectors who conduct physical inspections of HUD assisted and insured properties to conduct a data collection on the prevalence of Carbon Monoxide (CO) detectors at HUD properties subject to UPCS inspections. The collection of this data¬†will not affect a property’s inspection score.

Inspectors are required to identify if the building being inspected contains any units with fuel-fired/burning appliances and/or has an attached garage. Inspectors are only to evaluate attributes of the built environment, not tenant furnished items.

Inspectors are required to note whether a source of CO is present, the total number of CO detectors that are missing, working, and not working. Inspectors are then to report this information in the “Building Comments” text box. If the building does not have any units with fuel-fired/burning appliances and/or attached garages, then the inspector is to leave the “Building Comments” text box blank.

HUD has mentioned they are considering requiring PHAs to provide CO detectors in Public Housing properties as a part of the new UPCS pilot program. Carbon monoxide detectors are not yet required at Public Housing properties across the country.