Emergency Safety and Security Capital Fund Grant Applications Due June 5

HUD will fund $10 million in Emergency Safety and Security capital grants in FY 2019. Interested PHAs should apply to HUD by 5 PM ET, June 5, 2019. HUD Notice PIH-2016-03 provides guidance to PHAs seeking Emergency Capital Needs for safety and security reasons. Grants are made available to address safety and security emergencies that pose an increased threat to the health and safety of PHA residents on a first come, first serve basis until the set-aside funding is exhausted. PHAs must describe and explain how they have experienced an increased threat to the health and safety of their public housing residents in order to be considered for this funding. Examples of eligible uses include: security systems and cameras, fencing, lighting systems, emergency alarm systems, window bars, deadbolts, and doors. Funding cannot be used for patrol cars, salaries for PHA staff including security staff, security contracts or payment to local law enforcement for additional security, or transferring safety and security funding to the Operating budget.

Intersted PHA’s must apply by 5 PM ET, June 5, 2019. More information can be found here.

HUD Announces Webinars for MTW Cohorts 1 & 2

HUD has announced they will be hosting two webinars next week related to the MTW expansion. The first webinar will be on March 26th from 3-4 PM ET and targeted toward agencies eligible for Cohort 2 of the MTW Expansion. Cohort 2, which will evaluate rent reform policy interventions, is open for agencies with 1,001 – 27,000 combined voucher and public housing units. The second webinar, on March 28 from 3-4PM ET, will be targeted toward agencies eligible for Cohort 1 of the MTW Expansion. Cohort 1 is open to agencies with 1,000 or less combined units and will evaluate the overall impact of MTW. 

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HUD Sends Email Clarifying Admin. Fee Rates and Portability

Earlier today, HUD’s Financial Management Division sent an email responding to questions received from PHAs regarding HUD’s calendar year (CY) 2019 administrative fee rates. The email notes that the CY 2019 administrative fee rates are effective retroactively to January 1st, 2019. The Department will also publish two additional documents:

  1. A document describing how the 2019 rates were calculated; and
  2. A document to serve as guidance on portability billing, which will include an estimated administrative fee proration that will be recommended for portability.

Until those documents are published, HUD recommends that program administrators use 80% as the estimated administrative fee proration and that they continue to consider using the CY 2018 Portability Administrative Fee Rate Description.

These documents can be found at HUD’s Office of Housing Choice Vouchers, which can be accessed here.