PHA Applications for Vera Reentry Technical Assistance due by May 2

The Vera Institute of Justice (Vera) is soliciting applications from PHAs for 14 months of technical assistance to aid them in planning and implementing reentry programs or changes in their policies to safely increase access to housing for people with conviction histories. PHAs of all sizes are encouraged to apply. PHAs with voucher programs are also encouraged to apply. Multiple PHAs within the same geographic area may apply jointly.

The goals of this initiative are the following:

  1. Safely increase access to housing for people with conviction histories;
  2. Improve the safety of public housing and surrounding communities through the use of reentry housing strategies; and
  3. Promote collaboration between PHAs, law enforcement agencies, and other criminal justice stakeholders to effectively reduce crime and improve reentry outcomes for people leaving prisons and jails.

Applications will be accepted until 11:59 PST on Wednesday, May 2, 2018. Questions may be directed to Jessica Jensen at

Additional information about the initiative can be found on Vera’s website here. The full Request for Proposals for Technical Assistance can be read here.

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