HCV Shortfall Funding Deadline This Friday (7/28/17) at 5 pm ET

As previously mentioned on this blog, the deadline for applying for Shortfall Prevention Team (SPT)-confirmed shortfalls in September, October, or November 2017 is July 28 by 5 pm ET.

Shortfall Funding – There are the two scenarios under which a PHA can apply for shortfall funding. In Scenario 1, HUD’s Shortfall Prevention Team (SPT) has confirmed the shortfall, while in Scenario 2, PHAs have managed their budget in a reasonable and responsible manner, but are later confirmed to be in a SPT-confirmed shortfall position. PHAs with questions related to the calculation of HUD-confirmed shortfall should contact the SPT at 2017ShortfallInquiries@hud.gov.  The subject line should include the PHA’s number. There are certain submission requirements that must be met. While Category 1 shortfall set-aside funding will remain available throughout CY 2017, PHAs with SPT-confirmed shortfalls in September, October, or November 2017 must submit an application no later than 5 pm ET Friday, July 28. For PHAs with SPT-confirmed shortfalls for December 2017, the application deadline is 5 pm ET, Monday, January 22, 2018. Requests can be be made via email (2017Set-AsideApplications@hud.gov2017Set-AsideApplications@hud.gov) or via mail.

More information about applying for shortfall funding can be found in PIH 2017-10 (HA).

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