REAC adds Industry Days on the West Coast in late July

Following earlier industry days in Phoenix and Jacksonville, HUD’s Real Estate Assessment Center (REAC) is adding  two additional events in Los Angeles (July 25 and 26) and Portland (July 27 and 28). At these events, HUD would like to discuss the technical details of PIC-NG, VMS, and UPCS-V, while receiving technical feedback. Updated materials from previous industry days in Phoenix and Jacksonville will be presented.

At this time, the topics include the following:

  • PIC-NG;
    • Updated Schedule (vendors will be able to test sooner);
    • Demonstration of future FRS tool (current VASH portal);
    • Updated API;
  • UPCS-V;
    • Release of data collection software version 2.5 to fix bugs, improve reliability, enhance user experience, and incorporate protocol revisions;
    • Soliciting feedback for revision 3;
    • Incorporating PHAs to the Agile Development Teams; and
    • HUD web services Agile Development Team formed and soliciting PHA suggestions to guide the UPCS-V program.

Registration for either the Los Angeles session (July 25 and 26) or the Portland session (July 27 and 28) can be done here.

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