Affordable Housing Accreditation Board Looking for Input on Standards and Guidelines

The Affordable Housing Accreditation Board (AHAB) is an independent, non-profit organization with the mission to establish a comprehensive accreditation system that recognizes excellent governance, quality management, and best practices in affordable housing programs.

AHAB’s accreditation standards and evaluation methods are designed to cover a wide range of affordable-housing provider types in order to increase the likelihood that the provider’s mission, structure, financial resources, and leadership will result in delivering quality, affordable housing and services to residents within their communities.

In 2012, AHAB began developing, with feedback from our colleagues, an accreditation system for the affordable housing industry that recognizes good management, quality programs, and best practices. AHAB believes the Accreditation Standards and Guidelines serve as the framework for the indicators that will be used for the accreditation process.

AHAB has developed a survey tool to provide feedback on the Accreditation Standards and Guidelines. AHAB needs your critical eye to examine if these are an acceptable foundation for an excellent accreditation program. The Standards are divided into eight general areas with associated Guidelines. Conceptually, upon “go-live” there will be an application process, a comprehensive review of initial documentation, and a site visit by reviewers. The reviewers will utilize more specific Indicators that demonstrate successful achievement of the Standards and Guidelines.

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