Information for Volunteering PHA Properties for UPCS Inspector Field Training

During one of the panels at NAHRO’s 2017 Washington Conference, a panelist mentioned a program where PHAs could volunteer their properties to participate in a program to train UPCS Phase II inspector candidates. In return for volunteering properties, the PHA would receive a free “Pre-REAC” non-scored inspection.

NAHRO staff agreed to post information on how PHAs could volunteer for the program. To volunteer, PHAs are required to complete a spreadsheet and submit it to After gathering information on each property from owners, REAC will create a database of all properties to be used for the inspector candidate training process.

Finally, additional questions to REAC on any of the initiatives they are working on (e.g., UPCS-V, PIC-NG, PHAS, or SEMAP) can be emailed to

A more detailed description of the program can be found here.

The spreadsheet to be filled out with information on particular properties can be found here.

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