UPCS-V Version 1.0 Protocol Posted

HUD REAC has publicly posted Version 1.0 of the UPCS-V protocol. NAHRO is currently in the process of reading through the protocol, but here is a quote and chart from page 8 of the document about the UPCS-V inspection structure.

UPCS-V contains five inspectable areas: building exterior, unit, building systems, common areas, and site. UPCS-V is primarily centered on the unit, but includes items within the other four areas that negatively affect the habitability of the unit or the health and safety of its tenants.

Each inspectable area has one or more  inspectable items. An inspectable item is a component of an inspectable area that is to be evaluated under the UPCS-V protocol (see Figure 1 for the association of inspectable areas and items.) During an inspection, an inspector must evaluate all applicable inspectable items within each inspectable area for defects.


Read the entire 1.0 version of the protocol here.

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