Housing as a Basic Patient Need

The importance of housing is starting to permeate other professions, including medicine, as this post in the The New York Times Health and Wellness blog illustrates. Here’s a great quote:

Research also shows that providing housing for low-income and homeless people can substantially reduce medical costs. A housing initiative in Oregon, for example, decreased Medicaid spending by 55 percent for the newly housed; a study of a similar program in Los Angeles found that every $1 spent on housing led to $6 saved on medical costs.

Read the entire post here.

HUD Revises Schedule for PHA Operating Subsidy Revisions

On July 20, HUD released an updated PIH Notice 2016-10 REV.1 “Public Housing Operating Subsidy Eligibility Calculations for Calendar Year 2016” that contains the 2016 Revision Schedule for the HUD-52723 (Opfund Subsidy) and HUD 52722 (UEL). The revised notice contains the revised schedule for the submission of PHA revisions. The time period for PHA submission of revisions has been extended for PHAs.

2016 Revisions Schedule:

Items: Finish lines:
PHA revisions due to FOs. 8/15/2016, COB Mon., Aug 15th
FOs due to FMD 8/29/2016, COB Mon., Aug. 29th
FMD publishes Final Eligibility Report 9/28/2016, COB Wed., Sept. 28th
Final Obligations before Nov. 1st 11/1/2016, COB Mon. Oct. 31

The revised PIH notice is available on the NAHRO Public Housing Resource Center (Login Required) and the HUD website.