House THUD Bill, Update/Public Housing Analysis

As we noted in our last blog, the House Appropriations Committee approved its Transportation and HUD (T-HUD) bill after debate on several housing- and transportation-related amendments, though only a manager’s amendment making technical changes to the bill was ultimately approved. The House T-HUD bill received a robust $48.2 billion allocation, which is $1.7 billion higher than the Senate allocation. However, statements from leadership toward the end of last week were non-committal on the future of House appropriations. These statements came after the House failed to pass a final vote on its Energy and Water bill due to a controversial amendment. It is unclear at this point whether the House will attempt to take up either the Energy and Water bill again or any other appropriations bills. This would be unfortunate, as the entire THUD appropriations process would come to a halt once again due to an unrelated, non-spending issue.

NAHRO has released a comprehensive summary of the House bill as it relates to Public Housing programs. It covers the Public Housing Operating Fund, the Capital Fund, the Rental Assistance Demonstration program, Choice Neighborhoods Initiative, Family Self-Sufficiency, Executive Compensation, and other proposals and initiatives.

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