Join NAHRO for the “Building Resilience and Reclaiming Creativity in a Volatile World” Webinar

Next webinar October 27th at 1:30 p.m. ET

The “NAHRO Together Day 3” webinar series continues this week with the third informational presentation similar to those in our national conference.

This week, guest speaker Dr. Diane Biray Gregorio will present “Building Resilience and Reclaiming Creativity in a Volatile World.” She will explore the following questions.

“In a time of pandemic and accelerating climate crisis, advocates for affordable housing face unprecedented challenges and stresses. Yet the global need has never been greater.

How can we build emotional resilience in ourselves, in our families, and communities? 

Is it enough to just bounce back in the face of uncertainty? How can we reclaim our creativity from the jaws of burnout? Can we actually use these challenges as fuel for creativity and far-reaching vision? 

What this difficult time is asking of us is to look with fresh eyes, without the baggage of (emotional) reactivity, so we can see clearly together how we can move forward. 

Is this possible? How?”

This webinar will address the needs of housing professionals directly and the communities they serve indirectly. It is free and open to everyone. Register here.

Future Day 3 topics will include the following.

We look forward to seeing you at our NAHRO Together Day 3 webinars.

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