Upcoming EHV Landlord Engagement Webinar Series

HUD will continue its Emergency Housing Voucher (EHV) Landlord Engagement webinar series beginning Tuesday, June 28. The series is designed to address utilization challenges in competitive rental markets. The Zoom link along with a schedule for the series are listed below:  

Zoom link for each webinar session 

Landlord Financial Incentives  

Tuesday, June 28, at 3 pm EDT 

This webinar will focus on creating financial and other incentives to encourage private market landlords to lease their units to EHV households.  

Marketing, Outreach, and Retention Strategies 

Tuesday, July 12, at 3 pm EDT 

This webinar will focus on landlord engagement and retention strategies and best practices for CoCs, PHAs, and other community partners.  

Landlord Engagement and Unit Identification Webinar Wildcard (Office Hours Session) 

Tuesday, July 26, at 3 pm EDT 

During the webinar series and office hours, participants can let HUD know what they would like to see in the final webinar regarding EHV landlord engagement and unit identification. 

Previously recorded webinars from the EHV Landlord Engagement series can be found here.  

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