Section 3 Business Registry Moved to Opportunity Portal

On November 12, HUD integrated its Section 3 Business Registry into the Section 3 Opportunity Portal. The Opportunity Portal helps HUD grantees and Section 3 businesses meet their Section 3 obligations for employment and contracting. Certain changes have been made to the registry. Businesses registered since July 31, 2021 will be found in the Opportunity Portal via “Search Businesses,” businesses can now use the Opportunity Portal to log in and view their businesses as an Employer profile, employers can create, edit, and remove job/contract opportunities, employers can view their businesses and make edits to their business registry profiles, and if an Opportunity Portal user is both an employer and a sole proprietor worker, they will need to make two separate profiles using two different email addresses, one profile as “worker” and one as “employer.”

Currently registered Section 3 businesses should sign into the Opportunity Portal, select “employer” upon account set up, select “My Section 3 Portal” followed by “My Businesses.” If your registered businesses is not listed under “My Businesses,” please contact us at

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