FSS NOFO Released

On July 28, HUD published the FY 2021 Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) on its webpage. The application deadline is August 27.

PHAs applying for FSS funding should note that the 2021 FSS- Renewal NOFO has changed. For the FY21 NOFO only, all PHAs that were funded in FY20, FY19, or FY18 are eligible for renewal funding even if the PHA did not meet the minimum number of participants requirement. HUD is providing PHAs a one-year grace period due to the impacts of COVID-19. HUD will also not use 2020 PIC counts to limit PHAs maximum positions. Starting in FY21, HUD is using a 3-year looking period for determining Maximum Positions and will use the highest number of funded positions in the eligibility period, with all part-time positions above the first position rounded up to the next highest number of full-time positions. The FY21 will have three funding priority categories: 1) funding to the amount the PHA was last funded, 2) if applicable, increases to part-time positions to a full time position, and 3) additional increases in funding. Unlike previous years, the NOFO does not require salary comparability information to be submitted by the PHA.

The FSS NOFO application is due on August 27.