Additional CDBG-CV Uses Announced

On August 14, HUD announced additional uses and waivers for states and local governments using supplemental CARES Act Community Development Block Grant (CDBG-CV) funds. The CARES Act provided $5 billion in supplemental funding for the CDBG program to help states and local jurisdictions prepare for, prevent, and respond to the coronavirus.  To date, HUD has provided over $3 billion in supplement CDBG-CV funds to help communities combat coronavirus and alleviate economic hardship.

HUD will now allow states to carry out activities using CDBG-CV funding directly or pass funds through to local governments. HUD has also updated and streamlined economic development rules so grantees may quickly help small businesses. HUD will also allow CDBG-CV to be used for emergency payments to a provider or landlord on behalf of a family or individual for up to six months, as opposed to 90 days.

The Notice also contains and waivers and requirements to expedite submissions across multiple grant programs.

HUD’s press release can be found here.