HUD Posts Lead-Base Paint Hazard Reduction Grant NOFA

On June 19, HUD posted a Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) for federally recognized Native American tribal governments, city or county townships, county governments, state governments, and special district governments for its Lead-Based Paint Hazard Reduction program. The purpose of the grant is to help eligible entities undertake “comprehensive programs to identify and control lead-based paint hazards in eligible privately-owned rental or owner-occupied housing populations.” This includes:

  • Maximizing the number of children under the age of six years that are protected from lead poisoning and the number of housing units where lead hazards are controlled.
  • Targeting lead hazard control efforts in housing built pre-1960 in which children less than 6 years of age are at greatest risk of lead poisoning, especially in low-income and minority neighborhoods.
  • Utilizing cost-effective lead hazard control methods and approaches to ensure the long-term safety of the building occupants.
  • Building local capacity to safely and effectively address lead hazards during lead hazard control, and renovation, remodeling, and maintenance activities by appropriate trained and certified individuals.
  • Developing comprehensive, community-based approaches to integrating this grant program within other local initiatives.
  • Affirmatively furthering fair housing and furthering environmental justice.
  • Establishing data sharing and targeting between health and housing departments.
  • Establishing and implementing a detailed process of monitoring and ensuring that units made lead-safe units are affirmatively marketed and given priority to families with young children under the age of 6 years for up to three years.

Applications for HUD’s NOFA are due August 2, 2018. HUD expects to provide 50 awards totaling $212 million. The NOFA includes an award ceiling of $4.1 million and an award floor of $1 million.


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