HUD Updates Disaster Portability Guidance

Earlier today, HUD’s Financial Management Center sent additional guidance for PHAs receiving porting requests from program participants from Presidentially declared Major Disaster Declaration areas. Although previous guidance had been issued in an email, this guidance gives additional details on how receiving PHAs should process ports when the initial PHA is unable to complete portability requests.

This guidance applies to receiving PHAs that are contacted directly by families that are from areas covered by Presidentially declared Major Disaster Declarations and that wish to port, but have an initial PHA that cannot complete their portability responsibilities.

HUD has published a list, which includes all PHAs in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, and whether receiving PHAs should use these alternative portability guidelines. HUD will continually update this list by 5 pm EST every Thursday to reflect changes that allow initial PHAs to resume portability operations. This disaster portability guidance will be in effect until January 31, 2018, unless HUD extends this date. Questions can be emailed to the HUD Disaster Portabilty Team at

The PHA Portability Status List can be found here.

HUD’s updated portability guidance can be found here.

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