HUD To Release Public Housing Information Collection Notices

On Wednesday, September 6, HUD will release four agency information collection request revisions relating to public housing. These include: grant drawdown payment request/LOCCS/VRS Voice Activated, public housing annual contributions contract and inventory removal application, public housing financial template, and requirements for designated housing projects. Each is a revision of a currently approved collection. Comments for each information collection activity are due 30 days after their publication in the Federal Register.

Grant Drawdown Payment Request/LOCCS/VRS Voice Activated: eLOCCS is now implementing Single Sign-On solution under Secure Systems. Grant recipients will no longer separately sign-in to eLOCSS, but rather will be recognized and authenticated based on a Secure System ID. Grantees will need to complete and notorize the LOCCS HUD-27054E form and send the original  to the Program Office via U.S. Mail. The LOCCS system will automatically generate an Access Authorization email letting the user know that HUD-27054E has been processed, enabling grantees to access their eLOCCS account.

Public Housing Annual Contributions Contract and Inventory Removal Application: HUD amended the information collection to consolidate all information that PHAs are required to submit to HUD in connection with their contractual duties to operate and remove public housing dwelling units and other real property. The consolidated information collection request more accurately demonstrates the overall burden hours of the process. This includes: the Annual Contributions Contract (ACC), Declaration of Trust (DOT), General Depository Agreement (GDA), Inventory Removal Application, Demolition/Disposition Addendum, Total Development Cost (TDC) and  Rehab Cost Estimate Addendum, Homeownership Addendum, Required Conversion Addendum, Voluntary Conversion Addendum, Eminent Domain Addendum, Retention Addendum, and Notification of Closeout or Future Public Housing Development. The information collection does not change the process of any of the forms relating to each duty.

Public Housing Financial Template: In June 2017, HUD developed financial management templates for PHAs to submit financial information to HUD electronically each year. Requiring PHAs to report electronically has enabled HUD to provide a comprehensive financial assessment of the PHAs receiving federal funds from HUD.

Requirements of Designated Housing Projects: HUD has revised their information collection request to increase the estimation of annual burden hours from 375 hours to 585. This change is based on the number of Plans submitted in Calendar Year 2016, and the expectation that the number of respondents will continue to increase based on the upward trend in senior demographics and the increased use of Low Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC) to finance mixed developments that include senior units by Public Housing Agencies (PHAs). No changes to the actual application process have been made or to individual application burden hours.

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