HUD Provides Information on 2016 Executive Compensation Collection

On July 18, HUD sent an email to PHA Executive Directors informing them that the web application for the on-line collection of Calendar Year 2016 Executive Compensation data will be available Monday, July 24, through Friday, August 11, 2017. HUD also issued Notice PIH-2017-11 providing additional information on CY 2016 executive compensation reporting.

HUD has changed the log-in process from prior years. To enter data, PHAs will have to login to HUD’s Secure Systems, then open the application link in a new Internet Explorer tab or window and login using the same password used for HUD’s Secure Systems.

The link will be active Monday, July 24, through Friday, August 11, 2017.

Questions? Contact Ken Peterson at 702-236-9112, Deborah Fox at 404-229-8952, Eric Willis at 202-475-8822, or email

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