HUD Releases 2017 Capital Fund Processing Information

On June 30, HUD posted Capital Fund Program (CFP) grant awards for formula grants and, where applicable, Replacement Housing Factor grant(s) (RHF) for FY 2017. The obligation start date for FY 2017 Capital Funds will be August 16, 2017 with an obligation end date of August 16, 2019 and a disbursement end date of August 16, 2021.

PHAs can access information on their specific agencies on the HUD PIH website for the Capital Fund Program. PHAs have until August 2, 2017 to submit three original signed and dated ACC Amendments for each 2017 formula & RHF grant, along with the corresponding CF Annual Statement form HUD 50075.1 (Parts I & II) to their Regional and Field HUD office. HUD notes, “to ensure that your PHA has access to its Capital Funds as soon as possible, please adhere to the timeline that has been established.” Regional and Field HUD offices will execute ACC for Amendments for FY 2017 Capital Fund grants on August 16, 2017. The final submission date for all pending ACC Amendments is September 1, 2017. PHAs that miss that deadline will have their grants rescinded and de-reserved.

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New Link to HCV Forecasting Tool

HUD has changed the link to the Housing Choice Voucher Forecasting Tool and the Payment Standard tool. To use it, PHAs should make sure that they are logged into the Web Access Security System (WASS), then go to the webpage. If you have been unable to access the tool, it may be because you are trying to access it with the old link.

The forecasting tool now has 2017 set as the first year and has a likely-to-be-accurate estimate of the amount to be sent out to PHAs.

The HCV tools page can be accessed here.