HUD Publishes CY 2017 Administrative Fee Rates

HUD has published its Administrative Fee Rates for Calendar Year (CY) 2017. The administrative fees are paid on the basis of units leased on the first of each month as taken from the Voucher Management System (VMS). There are two fee rates: the Column A fee rate applies to the first 7200 unit months leased in CY 2017, while the Column B fee rate applies to all remaining unit months leased in CY 2017. In cases where the CY 2017 fee rates were lower than those provided CY 2016, PHAs will continue to receive CY 2016 rates. PHAs that have been receiving blended fee rates will continue to receive blended fee rates. PHAs that are eligible and wish to receive blended fee rates, can send their request to the Financial Management Division at HUD. Instructions for applying will be detailed in the 2017 Housing Choice Voucher funding implementation notice.

The CY 2017 Administrative Fee Rates Description can be found here.

The CY 2017 Administrative Fee Rate Table can be found here.

(2/14/17 Edit – the link to the “CY 2017 Administrative Fee Rate Table” pointed to last year’s rates. It has been updated to point to the correct CY 2017 rates.)

HUD Updates HCV Forecasting Tool

According to a HUD official, HUD has updated the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program forecasting tool. The updated tool now includes updated information, including a higher inflation renewal factor; a default forecasting HAP proration of 94% for year 2–i.e., 2017–but the proration can be changed depending on scenarios that the user would like to test; and the ability to forecast up until a fourth year. To access the tool, the user needs to log in through WASS.

Additional information about accessing the tool can be found here.

Operating Fund Obligations for February Released

HUD has released their explanation of FY17 Operating Fund obligations for February on HUD’s 2017 Subsidy Processing website. The Department is providing an interim proration of approximately 85 percent for the Operating Fund. This proration may change later in the year to┬áreflect the difference in the amount of the actual eligibility for final approved PHA subsidy requests and the FY17 Appropriation Bill. Congress has yet to pass a FY17 appropriations bill and is currently working off of a Continuing Resolution (C.R.) of FY16 appropriation levels.