HUD Unveils Utility Benchmarking Proposal

On October 4, HUD announced its proposed Utility Benchmarking Initiative. The initiative would require PHAs to benchmark water and energy in their portfolios of public and assisted, as well as newly-insured, multifamily housing. Benchmarking allows property owners to compare a building’s utility consumption pattern against similar buildings and helps owners measure and manage energy and water consumption across building portfolios. The proposal was first announced in the President’s Climate Action Plan. Under the initiative, certain providers of HUD-assisted or public housing will be required to collect and report on their water and energy use. This will allow PHAs to make informed decisions, reduce operating costs and improve building performance over time. The proposal will establish procedures for PHAs to input utility and energy data into the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s free, web-based ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager®. HUD also posted a 60-Day Notice of Proposed Information Collection: Energy Benchmarking of Public Housing in the Federal RegisterPHAs would benchmark their utilities every three-years.


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